Get connected to a person with whom you will support each other for a month in your goals achivement
"Cheer pals" helps you to support each other, even if you do not know how to

Why do you need it?
You can not pull yourself
You need another one to push you
Together you can get higher
How does it work
1. Bot sends you a text with your cheer pal's contacts. Both of you are in tune of achieving your goal, be accountable to and support another

2. You both agree on the schedule and the way how you will report to and check each other

3. For one month you will recieve hints and nudges from us and support each other in goal achievement
But first you have to set up your own goal:
If you do not have a goal you can try to work on any random goal

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What should I do to start?
Just choose a plan and fill in your e-mail. All the instructions we will send to you after that.
I do not have goal, can I
Of course! You can be just a support. But we strongly recommend to start with any evem small goal and you will se how it may change your life.
I do not know how to
No worries, you will get the tips and notifications. And later on you will do it intuitevly. Just pay attention to your pal and be interested in his\her results.
How long should be support
each other
We will be with both of you for a one month and we also suggest that you have a goal for this time period. In case you want to go on with your pal you can do it we will be just happy. But if you want to try with another one just tell that to the bot and we will connect you with a new pal.
How often we should meet
That's up to you. Just be in touch every or every second day and then have a video call or a real meeting once a week. (In pandemic times we stronly recommend just video calls)
What will you get
You will boost your superpower
You will meet cool people
You will help another person
⭐ Get pal's support
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+ we would ask for your
feedback and review
I am in!
Start your break-through month
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